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Low attrition rates during 2006 in UK legal teams

The September 2006 Verdict survey, summarized in Legal Week, Sept. 28, 2006 at 10, found very low rates of attrition in UK corporate legal teams. Nearly two-thirds of the respondents estimated their team’s lawyer attrition rate to have been zero-to-nine percent, about a fifth said it was 10-19 percent, and the remainder (15%) said the rate exceeded 10 percent (See my post of Aug. 2, 2006 #1 noting the 11% average attrition rate among all US employees.).

The survey did not isolate voluntary from involuntary separations US law departments also experience low turnover rates (See my posts of May 14, 2005 and June 15, 2005 on the cost to law departments of turnover.).

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