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Management by walking around – a badge of honor for good leaders

General counsel are most effective when they talk frequently and informally with their colleague lawyers (See my post of Sept. 25, 2006: open-door attitudes of general counsel.). To be continually closeted in meetings and barricaded behind closed doors is to be out of touch. Not only does morale suffer (See my post of Sept. 25, 2005: no on else but the general counsel.) but also the flow of information clogs (See my posts of Nov. 30, 2005: everyone clamors for more communication; and July 27, 2007: skip-level calls and meetings by general counsel.).

Every general counsel should make a point of walking the halls, sticking their head into offices, and hanging out in common areas. Management by walking around encourages a form of preventive law, role-modeling (See my post of May 2, 2007: stresses and strains.), and talent nurturance.

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