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Management Tools Used by General Counsel

Borrowing freely from the well-known study of Bain on management tools, I propose the following to be the most common 18 tools used by general counsel.

  1. Balanced Scorecards

  2. Benchmarking

  3. Budgets internally

  4. Budgets for outside counsel

  5. Client satisfaction surveys

  6. Competitive bidding by firms

  7. Convergence

  8. Document management systems

  9. Electronic billing

  10. Employee satisfaction surveys

  11. Intranet site for law

  12. Matter management systems

  13. Mission statements

  14. Off-site retreats

  15. Personnel evaluations

  16. Psychometric tests

  17. Retainer letters

  18. Strategic plans

How to define “tool?”  A known method for achieving a specific result, often used during a project of defined duration – sounds formal and fancy, and I welcome other people’s suggestions for these management aids.

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