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May I brag a bit? Five fan quotes about

Immodesty will get a blogger/consultant nowhere, so here are five praises that would make my mother proud, my children dubious, and my wife ironic.

“Rees Morrison was not presenting at the conference but attending. And as the guru of law department management with one of the most highly read online blogs, Law Department Management we requested an interview. … Rees has assisted more than 250 law departments and he has written scores of articles that appeared across the legal media blogosphere.

He is now running the largest general counsel metrics/global law department benchmarking ever undertaken (click here).

In this interview he talk about how legal department structures have changed in reaction to the economic downturn, the need to be more transparent about economics, and Web 2.0 effects on the legal industry:” Gregory P Bufithis,of and, April 1, 2010

Robert Ambrogi’s LawSites, describes several law-related blogs “and Rees Morrison whose sharp-eyed observation of the corporate legal world at Law Department Management is well recognized.”

Tim Cummins, head of the International Association of Contract and Commercial Managers (IACCM) weighs in: “All of these trends and the associated debates are captured nicely in Rees Morrison’s excellent blog, Law Department Management. A recent example is where Rees discusses the need for pre-legal vetting teams. In another, he highlights an article by the General Counsel at Carillion that calls for greater discipline in defining the role of the law department.”

Orange Rag by Charles Christian on Nov. 3, 2009 had this kudo: “This story first appeared on Rees Morrison’s excellent Law Department Management Blog yesterday and is by guest author Bob Unterberger –”

“Nice shout-out for Brightleaf from Rees Morrison, the most prolific blogger in the legal technology/management biz (we’re working on our second cup of coffee and he’s already dropped five posts this morning). In addition to the dizzying pace of the work he produces, Rees is also perhaps the most respected legal department management consultant you could hope to find. If you work in-house and you have not read his e-book “Effective Structure for Your Law Department,” I suggest that you do so.” April 21st, 2010 on the blog of Brightleaf

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