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Measures of engagement among law department staff

An article, Fin. Times, Aug. 11, 2006 at 5, discusses employee motivation, and specifically engagement (See my posts of June 28, 2005 on disengagement levels among general counsel; April 3, 2005 on the engagement index of Stanton Marris; and Nov. 19, 2005 on the difference between engagement and satisfaction.). It states that “having an ‘engaged’ workforce — a step beyond employee satisfaction or commitment — has been shown to improve the bottom line.” Other research shows that the immediate supervisors and colleagues are crucial in determining an individual’s engagement level.

It seems intuitively true that higher levels of engagement march along with higher levels of performance. As with all surveys of employees, however, measurement is only the first step. The results need to lead to actions, a much harder task than completing the survey, to bring real value.

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