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Meet more posts on how to improve meetings

More than two years ago I compiled what I had written about the infernal time sponge, meetings (See my post of April 22, 2007: meetings with 9 references.). Since then, in-house attorneys have endured countless more hours in meetings. To honor and console them, I have compiled my posts since then.

Some posts are bathed in constructive sunlight – techniques to improve meetings (See my post of July 13, 2009: readings in conjunction with meetings; Aug. 10, 2007: share a meal instead of a meeting; July 29, 2007: run better meetings with 6 tips; Nov. 18, 2007: 11 tips for more effective meetings; May 8, 2008: instant feedback after a meeting; March 1, 2008: conference room reservation systems; March 30, 2008: laptops used during meetings; Aug. 28, 2008: telepresence for meetings; Nov. 6, 2008: PACER; and April 25, 2009: breakouts from large meetings.).

Other posts walk through the valley of the shadow of meetings – obstacles to effective meetings (See my post of Jan. 23, 2008: drawbacks of meetings in terms of aggregating reliable information; Dec. 16, 2007: loss of attention due to Blackberrys; and June 5, 2007: politics in meetings.).