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Methods of training employees and Board members on compliance issues

In early 2007, 84 general counsel of companies mostly headquartered in Northern Europe or the UK and Ireland ranked five techniques to train people on compliance issues. The survey findings are in PLCLaw Dept. Quart., Vol. 3, April-June 2007, at 31.

The methods the respondents had to to choose from were “face to face,” “circulation of printed material,” “circulation of materials by email,” materials on the intranet,” and e-learning.”

For each of the five groups of people covered – lawyers, Board members, management, sales, and other staff – the distribution of training techniques relied on were fairly similar, although face to face dominated, followed by email distribution (See my post of July 5, 2006: online legal and compliance training vendors; March 25, 2005: case studies for compliance training; July 14, 2005: methods for training clients; and Dec. 19, 2005: training clients of classroom, online and paper.).

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