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Minimum compensation levels set for in-house Brazilian lawyers

Below is a translation from Portuguese of an item about a Brazilian state (Maranhao) and its establishment of a minimum wage for in-house lawyers.  This came from a Brazilian consulting firm’s website.


“The controversy surrounding the base salary of lawyers seems to be in their final days in Maranhao. The Council approved the Bar Association of Maranhao on Thursday (21/6).  The … draft law shall fix the salary of the lawyers service providers in private companies. After preparation, the project will be sent to the Governor of the State for approval.  Lawyers who work 20 hours per week will have a base salary of $2,500. For 40 hours, the stipulated amount is $5,000. During the session, the majority of members present upheld the values ​​that had been suggested at a public hearing conducted in May.”


From this paragraph it is not clear whether the two base salaries are $30,000 and $60,000 a year (See my post of Jan. 6, 2011: base salaries of Brazilian in-house attorneys were much higher.).


This blog has quite a few posts about the giant of South America (See my post of Feb. 6, 2008: Tedesco, Brazilian matter management system; March 16, 2008 #5: blog from Brazil on law department management; June 10, 2008: RFP by Votorantim; Dec. 21, 2009: Women in Skirts; Feb. 19, 2010: Brazil had 571,360 lawyers in 2007; April 29, 2011: Brazilian think tank and its sponsored competition; June 20, 2011: Brazilian software available to law departments; July 24, 2011: functions reporting in to Brazilian law departments; Feb. 28, 2012: strong form of attorney-client privilege; and May 31, 2012 #3: huge number of law suits in Brazil.).

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