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More articles published recently by Rees Morrison

I write articles and periodically on this blog have compiled links to what I have written (See my posts of Aug. 23, 2005 with five articles; Aug. 27, 2005 and six articles; May 21, 2007 and five more; and Aug. 4, 2007 with six recent articles.). The year 2007 has been productive, in part because of my ability to extract posts from this blog, so it is time to pull together my most recent six articles.

Practical Tips on E-billing (NYLJ, March 15, 2007)

Ways to Push Lawyers to Cut Costs (Legal Times, Sept.17, 2007)

Seven Tips for More Effective RFPs (Corp. Counsel, Sept. 2007)

Dueling documents – engagement letters and retainers (NYLJ, Sept. 20, 2007)

Most Favored Nation Agreements (N LJ, Nov. 15, 2007)

Three Key Law Department Benchmarks (Legal Times, Nov. 19, 2007)