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More cloud law: another online repository of free or low-cost corporate legal guidance, LawPivot

The point of this post is the increasing availability at low cost of legal guidance and work product on the Internet. The trend toward even more cloud law is inexorable. Bloomberg Bus. Week, July 11 at 41, describes LawPivot as a Q&A website that allows cash-strapped entrepreneurs to ask questions of lawyers. “LawPivot’s algorithms funnel the questions to its roster of lawyers based on expertise and quality of past responses.” Currently free for up to three questions per month, LawPivot plans to charge a subscription fee of $80 per month. The article says that more than 800 lawyers and 1,200 startups have used the site.

This site doesn’t offer form agreements, but that would be a logical extension (See my post of Jan. 21, 2009:; Jan. 22, 2009: free online forms and their quality; Jan. 23, 2009: US Legal Forms; April 19, 2011: Fenwick & West offers standard corporate forms; April 25, 2011: Goodwin Proctor offers forms; and June 19, 2011: