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More collective actions by law departments

Joint efforts by a number of legal departments for their collective good have shown up frequently on this blog. As early as four years ago I collected several instances (See my post of Oct. 14, 2005: collective activities by law departments with 5 references).

Time passes, the blogging hand writes, and it is time to trawl for more recent examples (See my post of Oct. 19, 2005 #3: technology development; Oct. 22, 2005: to determine “industry standards”; March 14, 2006: evaluations of law firms; May 24, 2006: patents pooled in a defense alliance; June 19, 2006: British local authorities hire external counsel; Nov. 25, 2006: mentoring shared among several law departments; Dec. 28, 2006: patent applications collectively reviewed; Feb. 14, 2007: Corporate E-Discovery Forum; March 6, 2007: collective effort by law departments; April 15, 2007: Lloyds and legal fees; April 22, 2007: update UTBMS codes; May 24, 2007: Allstate shares its CLE programs with other law departments; May 13, 2007: League of Minnesota Cities and legal insurance; Nov. 18, 2007 #2: minority job fairs; March 20, 2008: benefits of shared evaluations; Sept. 21, 2008: diversity teamwork among three law departments; Feb. 26, 2009: conflicts rules; and March 26, 2009: data pooled for decision analysis.).

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