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More evidence of this being the Decade of Data

Data will play an increasingly important role for general counsel as they navigate the turbulent years, so I should add three more sources of such data (See my post of June 16, 2010: six pools of management data for general counsel.).

Acritas produces its Smart Legal Brands report with a wide variety of quantitative findings (See my post of Aug. 2, 2010: average hourly rates; Aug. 2, 2010: definitions of value; Aug. 3, 2010: legal intensity by industry; Aug. 3, 2010: cost is low on ratings list; Aug. 6, 2010: negativity toward offshoring; and Aug. 9, 2010: US-based law departments compared to others.).

Organizational network analysis (ONA). At least one law firm has moved to use this tool and there is an article, I am told, about law firms and ONA (See my post of May 11, 2010: social network analysis with 6 references.).

The American Intellectual Property Lawyers Association (AIPLA) generates data about costs that would cause other specialty lawyers to drool (See my post of Oct. 14, 2010: elaborate data on costs of various IP services.).

Advances in information graphics and data visualization will complement the arrival of more and better data (See my post of May 7, 2008: methods to portray data with 9 references; 22 cited in one.).

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