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More software components of the complete contract system

Hard on my post about a contract approval matrix (See my post of Nov. 8, 2010: approval matrix and templates.), someone pointed out to me even more planets orbiting the contract sun. They particularly noted other kinds of software that improve the whole contracting process.

Contract intake systems are like an online request for legal services, with terms and background for the contract that help control requests for lawyers to work on contracts.

Contract assembly software might draw on quoting software’s facts. That is to say, when salespeople propose terms they may use software compiles the quote. When a lawyer works those terms into a contract, the software of the lawyer can draw on the sales person’s software.

Contract workflow tools help review and approval steps move smoothly. They send notifications, keep a calendar, and track progress.

Contract repositories of demographic facts and full text are still another choice. For example, SharePoint applications can store final contracts, permit searching, and allow check in and check out.

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