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More work for the IP department if the company, like Fujitsu, publishes its IP strategy

In 2006, Fujitsu began publishing its intellectual property strategy. Fujitsu, according to Intellectual Prop. Mag., Sept. 2010 at 93, is the world’s third largest IT services company and a major technology innovator. Making its IP direction available to the world, the company leads in this practice – few have followed its lead, however – because it wanted everyone in the company to understand research directions, the importance of IP, and the commercial promise of IP. It also wanted customers to have peace of mind about where the company was headed with new products. It also serves as an excellent promotional piece.

The article makes clear “that the published report is informative but does not give too much away.” Even so, lawyers work hard on it. Thus, my reason for writing about the IP strategy document of Fujitsu is not only to point out a source for readers of such a document but also to acknowledge the significant burden placed on an IP group of in-house lawyers if they bear primary responsibility for the drafting.

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