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Morrison’s Morsels #16

British-American translator. Blimey, more of these showed up in the wake of my post of Feb. 9, 2006 on trans-Atlantic translation.

“Open plan” for the Brits is our cubicles
“Fee earner” is timekeeper or professional in US law firms
“File” is a matter, and thanks to Ron Friedman for point this one out
“Legal Director” seems quite as common as “General Counsel”
“Making someone redundant” is “firing someone” stateside.

General counsel promoted. Further to my post of Jan. 27, 2006, Todd Stitzer, the CEO of Cadbury Schweppes, was once its General Counsel. The current Chief of Staff of Nokia was the company’s general counsel, according to “Leading Practices in Job Titles for In-House Lawyers: What Companies are Doing” (Assoc. Corp. Counsel, Aug. 2005 at 16). Richard Blackburn of Duke was promoted up from the top legal post as was the CEO of Cabot (See also my post of Oct. 4, 2005 on 32 lawyers in Forbes 400 wealthiest Americans.).

Law review articles on law departments. See my post of Feb. 23, 2006 and add Marc I. Steinberg, “The Role of Inside Counsel in the 1990s: A View from Outside,” 49 SMU L. Rev. 483, 484 (1996). Another is Nancy J. Moore, “Conflicts of Interest for In-House Counsel: Issues Emerging from the Expanding Role of the Attorney-Employee,” 39 S. Tex. L. Rev. 497 (1998).