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Morrison’s Morsels #17 (Additions to previous posts)

Law department management sessions in conferences. Further to my post of March 9, 2006, The PLC Global Counsellors College, to be held April 27-28, 2006 in Paris includes sessions on “disputes and litigation” as well as “managing the global legal function.”

The reward to law school grads for further academic achievement. My post of Dec. 20, 2005 looked at law department administrator compensation in light of more years in school and degrees. Abbott, Langer’s survey of 111 law departments, published December 2005, found that “the median income of attorneys holding a graduate degree in addition to the LLB/JD was 60% higher ($160,000) than that of those with only the LLB/JD ($100,000).

Profit potential for law departments. Autodesk considered the revenue potential of its legal department . “It would also be possible, because of its anti-piracy efforts, to treat legal as a business unit. However, this also creates a number of odd incentives on (sic) the participants, so this alternative has been rejected until someone makes a really cogent case for it.” Unsure of my cogency, I still wonder whether Autodesk might create a separate unit whose staff have incentives to recover money from software pirates. (See my post of Feb. 8, 2006 about law departments as profit centers.)