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Most law departments, being small, have few or no diversity initiatives, since only the largest departments report them

Diversity & The Bar, Jan./Feb. 2012 at 47, published last year’s survey results that gathered data from hundreds of companies. The full report is available at the website of the Minority Corporate Counsel Association.

For the initiatives discussed in the article, only law departments of much size carry them out. Overall, only 30% of responding legal departments reported having some type of diversity and inclusion program. Notably, the larger the department, the more likely they were to have a program in place. For example, only 14% of the departments with two-to-five attorneys reported having a diversity program, while 87% of respondents with more than 75 attorneys did. Likewise, special outreach or recruiting efforts were rare among departments of less than 25 attorneys. And, similarly only the largest departments track hours billed by outside counsel for specific diversity groups.

Larger departments have a bigger talent pool to fill and manage so it makes sense that they take up diversity efforts more frequently than small law departments.

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