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Multivariable testing as a method of systematically taking decisions

More than a decade ago, the Economist wrote about a man, Art Hammer, and his deductive methodology for number crunching, multivariable testing (MVT). It is a mathematical way to sort through many variables in a decision and determine which are better without time-consuming calculations.

As explained in the Economist, Aug. 8, 1998 at 56, the software combines variables in its “tests” and deduces a result using average outcomes. It would appear that law departments with certain decisions that have multiple variables, perhaps choosing software or selecting a law firm, might put MVT to good use. It might not reach the ultimate answer, but it could clear out the lesser choices and let the department’s staff concentrate on the most crucial variables (See my post of Aug. 9, 2010: software that complements decision-making with 6 references.).

The methodology is alive and well a decade later, as at least one company, QualPro, specializes in it.

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