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My congregation of recent posts on correlations and multiple regression

Thirty months ago there were enough posts on statistical correlation for me to assemble them (See my post of Feb.13, 2008: correlations with 16 references.).

Since then, many other posts have referred to possible correlations in the intricacies of legal department management (See my post of March 4, 2008: profit margins and lawyers per billion; May 11, 2008 #2: R squared and correlations in multiple regressions; June 26, 2008: lawyer experience correlated to metrics; Aug. 13, 2008: R&D and total legal spend; Aug. 28, 2008: LSAT scores and benchmark metrics; Feb. 6, 2009: inventor reward programs and patent productivity; Feb. 24, 2009: intellectual capital of a company and legal intensity; March 11, 2009: between attributes of initiatives; May 11, 2010: general counsel’s demographics and management initiatives; and June 16, 2010: column on correlations and multiple regression.).

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