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My gratitude and appreciation to my assistant, Fran Gieda

By its 18-month mark, August 20, 2006, this had 1500 posts. My wonderful administrative assistant, Fran Gieda, helped with every one of those posts. She has conscientiously accumulated them so that I could more easily search for prior references. She has created a comprehensive index of sources as well as proper names.

Most important, Fran has labored unceasingly to assemble what I call meta-posts. Meta-posts collect all the individual posts that pertain to a give idea. As I write this, there are meta-posts collected on more than 70 topics.

Contributing to the upkeep and improvement of this massive blog (475 pages of 10 font and small margins) reflects hours of work by Fran. A simple thank you does not measure up to how much she has poured into it, but let simplicity speak volumes: thank you for everything, Fran Gieda.