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National Arbitration Forum blog

InsideCounsel, Jan. 2008 at 14, highlights the blog of the National Arbitration Forum, which has been online since November 2004 (See my posts of Dec. 9, 2005 on ADR-favoring companies; and Feb. 7, 2007 on the cottage industry of arbitrators.). I wondered what else I had written about arbitration.

More than a dozen posts on this blawg have referred to arbitration. A few address arbitration in certain situations (See my posts of July 20, 2005 on employee disputes and ADR; March 29, 2005 on arbitration clauses to reduce litigation costs; Dec. 31, 2006 about online arbitration systems; and Nov. 10, 2007 regarding arbitration of disputes with outside counsel.).

Several posts have criticized arbitration (See my posts of Nov. 17, 2006 on mandatory arbitration; March 7, 2007 on a swing toward mediation over arbitration; May 4, 2007 about expensive international arbitration; and June 19, 2006 on a dissenting view regarding arbitration; May 23, 2007 # 2; and June 11, 2007 #5 on costs.).

Two posts have attacked methodological imperfections in surveys and their interpretation (See my posts of May 8, 2007 with some biased conclusions; and May 27, 2007 on biased data.).