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Networks of law firms, including regional ones in southeast Europe and Africa

I have commented on associations of law firms that refer work among themselves and market collectively (See my posts of May 30, 2005 which names a dozen; Dec. 19, 2005 with more metrics; and Nov. 11, 2005 and skepticism on whether departments rely on such groups.). Some more associations have come to light.

According to Legal Week, May 25, 2006 at 38, there is a network called Consulegis, which has 93 member firms in 40 countries – more than 1,550 lawyers in all.

Another network is SEELegal, a group of like-minded firms in southeast Europe, which includes Albania, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania and other nearby countries. Another example of a regional association is an alliance of law firms across the continent of Africa, called Lex Africa. That group boasts 23 members from a number of countries.

When a law department needs to find a law firm somewhere new, if someone inside has a contact at an association firm, that firm may be able to connect the law department to a reputable firm in the new place.