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Nine tips for dealing with change

A publication from an insurance company offers some suggestions for how to deal with change, which I have paraphrased.

  1. Get the facts about what is changing, what is not changing, and why. Rumors and speculation distort the actual changes that may be ahead.

  2. Actively seek information from people you trust to get the facts and try to learn the bigger context. The broader your view of what is coming, the better you can cope.

  3. Learn to live with ambiguity and trust that over time clarity will emerge.

  4. Talk constructively with your colleagues about the changes underway. Brooding and introspection breed anxiety.

  5. Learn to let go of the things you cannot control. Focus instead on what you can influence.

  6. Stay focused on your work and the quality of your performance. Life goes on and you still are an employee.

  7. Try not to be rigid and resistant. Give the new arrangements a chance and try to appreciate the opportunities they may bring.

  8. Act on the fact that you can cope with change better if you are rested, exercised, and nutritiously fed.

  9. If necessary, seek counsel from professionals or employee assistance sources.

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