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Not a pirated tape of Rees Morrison, in costume, on benchmarks – check it out before it goes viral with a vengeance!

Performing under his nom-de-blog Rees Morrison, that ever-popular raconteur of ratios, the nation’s nimble narrator of numbers, regales the YouTube world with inimitable insights about indices and magical moments on metrics! This live, uncut performance, filmed al fresco, ad hoc, without makeup or script writers, and away from the klieg lights of the paparazzi, smuggles out a rare glimpse into the wild and wacky world of comprehensive total expenditures as a percentage of corporate revenue, at the median no less!

Mouse here, you millions, crank up the speakers, and settle back for a head-warming three minutes of vintage benchmark boisterousness!

You can relish it early, before Cannes, even well before Sundance, this feel-good, nano-documentary on derecho data. Law department benchmarks will never be the same!

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