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Not quite billions and billions written, but many posts on Big Mac

As I was chewing through my posts to find a morsel in support of one, I accidentally bit into two that refer to McDonald’s. Tasting a blog post, I hungrily scarfed up all the posts I could find about Ronald’s lawyers.

My quick drive through turned up seven posts, and at least that many references to them (See my posts of Jan. 16, 2006 on its document assembly software; Jan. 17, 2006 #1 regarding the reporting lines and responsibilities of its general counsel; Jan. 17, 2006 on its use of data from a corporate mainframe; Aug. 8, 2006 on its European general counsel; April 6, 2007 about its transformation of workers’ compensation; April 23, 2007 about its sabbatical program; and June 24, 2007 on the general counsel’s rise through the ranks.).

With that much material, the law department is certainly my burger king, and a sight for sore fries.

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