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Not too hard for law department administrators to keep up with law department technology

One of the questions asked by the Third Annual Law Department Operations Survey was for respondents to “rank the top three challenges of managing law department operations.” Coming in near the bottom, 7th out of 10, was “Stay abreast of law department technology.” With only 15 total points, very few of the respondents placed that challenge in their first three (where 3 points went to the top challenge, 2 points to a second, and 1 to third.).

It might be that for most administrators, investments in technology happen only now and then so between those active periods why bother to keep pace with new developments. Or it could be that the restrictive adjective “law department” leaves other, broader technologies to stay on top of. For example, social networks, clouds, search methods, and Internet calls are not limited to law departments. Then, finally, among the tough tasks that heads of law department operations face, technology awareness simply rates low on the list.

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