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Oddities of general counsel and other in-house lawyers’ careers

As I run across oddities of in-house careers, I pluck them out and put them on display (See my post of Aug. 7, 2005 on a lawyer who spent 70 years with one law department; of Dec. 22, 2006 #3 on a general counsel who served for more than three decades; of Oct. 2, 2006 #2 on a person who has been the general counsel of four companies; of April 1, 2007 on someone moving straight from a Supreme Court clerkship to a general counsel position; and of March 6, 2007 on a general counsel and his $4,700 wine allowance.

Now, enjoy this unusual story. Chubb Executive Risk (CBER) is a subsidiary of Chubb Corporation. One of CBER’s employees, David Robinson, was a lawyer serving in a non-legal capacity as a practice manager in the company’s professional services division. Robinson took a 10-month leave of absence to clerk for a newly-appointed District Judge. Upon his return to CBER, Robinson was appointed general counsel. He will also oversee the underwriting counsel function. Quite a circuitous career!

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