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Offshoring meta-post and Motorola

Motorola “has outsourced its in-house patent-generating work to small Indian firms,” according to an article in The Lawyer, Oct. 31, 2005. (See my post of Nov.13, 2005 on Motorola previously re-configuring its in-house patent group.)

A piece on the website of OutsourcingCenter (May 2005) l mentioned some other Indian providers of legal services, such as Atlas Legal Research and Xansa. It also mentions that India graduates 298,000 students from law school every year (as compared to about 38,000 from US law schools).

For other 2005 posts about offshoring see mine on the size of the legal off-shoring market (June 15 and May 20), sharing the savings with law departments (June 15), and comparative costs (Sept. 27).