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Online legal research through Bloomberg Law at a fixed price simplifies management of law firm costs by in-house counsel

An update on Bloomberg Law, whose second incarnation has recently been rolled out, appears in Law Technology News, Oct. 2011 at 44. Quite different than the complicated pricing of its main competitors, Bloomberg Law charges $450 per month per user for unlimited access.

The steady change in how online research costs are regarded by internal lawyers keeps pace. They do not want to pay for them so fixed fees fit with the zeitgeist (See my post of Sept. 13, 2005: disbursement costs of online research; Sept. 27, 2005: survey data on research spend; Sept. 31, 2005: CaseMaker; Jan. 16, 2006: providers of research services; Dec. 19, 2006: do not pay online legal research costs; July 16, 2007: legal research cottage industry; and Aug. 15, 2008: keep a close eye on legal research requiring more than 10 hours on any one issue.).