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Online recording (YouTube) about “lawyers per billion of revenue” as a benchmark metric

Having made my way through one recording, I plunged in with another.  This one I improved in several ways.


Given my self-imposed limit of close to three minutes, I did not go into much about the definition of “lawyer,” the scope of whom should be included (more there on “hidden lawyers”), or part-time equivalents.  Notwithstanding these finer points, “lawyers” seems to be such a straightforward number.


One other point I did not make is that I have noticed that often when general counsel complete my survey twice, the numbers shift.  My thought all along with General Counsel Metrics and its global benchmark survey was that the Dec. 31st date would be a memorable date, a line in the sand for everyone as to how many lawyers they had on the payroll that final day.


Not so.  The line wavers with memory or with recalculation or with mis-reading my question or with revising how someone was regarded.  Odd, but the figure that might seem the most rock-solid has a plasticity that is not trivial.

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