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Part XLII of a collection of embedded metaposts

Ten more embedded metaposts (See my post of Oct. 25, 2009: Part XLI), each bedraped with the number of its back references.

  1. CEO and influence on law department (See my post of Oct. 28, 2009: with 27 references.).

  2. Corporate policies (See my post of Nov. 2, 2009: corporate policies regarding the legal department with 12 references and 1 meta.).

  3. Executive education for in-house lawyers (See my post of June 15, 2008: executive education with 8 references.).

  4. Lawyer per support staff (See my post of Oct. 27, 2009: one-to-one ratio of lawyers to support staff with 9 references.).

  5. MBA (See my post of Oct. 29, 2009: MBAs and legal departments with 9 references.).

  6. New general counsel (See my post of Oct. 28, 2009: newly-appointed general counsel with 12 references.).

  7. People management bad sides (See my post of Oct. 25, 2009: ugly sides of people management with 9 metaposts.).

  8. Shared ratings of law firms (See my post of Nov. 5, 2009: collected assessments by law departments of their firms with 10 references.).

  9. Strategic plan II (See my post of Oct. 30, 2009: long-range plans for operations in legal departments with 6 references.).

  10. Technology training (See my post of Nov. 3, 2009: training lawyers on software with 14 references.).