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Part XLIV of a collection of embedded metaposts

Ten more embedded metaposts (See my post of Dec. 16, 2009: Part XLIII), conjointly with the number of their back references.

  1. Affinity groups (See my post of Feb. 4, 2010: groups for legal department specialists, not substantive, with 3 references and 8 metaposts.).

  2. Blog book reviews (See my post of Dec. 27, 2009: excerpted points from books that constitute a “blog book review” with 13 references.).

  3. Center of excellence, practice communities, communities of interest (See my post of Feb. 16, 2010: centers of excellence with 6 references.).

  4. Checklists (See my post of Jan. 26, 2010: checklists with 9 references.).

  5. Counsel for a region (See my post of Dec. 15, 2009: regional inside counsel with 8 references.).

  6. Foreign, international, overseas, foreign law firms (See my post of Jan. 25, 2010: law firms not based in your country with 16 references.).

  7. HSBC Hong Kong (See my post of Jan. 21, 2010: HSBC Bank with 7 references.).

  8. International Legal Technology Association (ILTA) (See my post of Jan. 25, 2010: ILTA with 16 references.).

  9. ISO and other accreditations and evaluations (See my post of Feb. 16, 2010: ISO reviews and other control methods with 5 references.).

  10. Reports from matter management systems (See my post of Feb. 10, 2010: business intelligence, data mining, visual analytics with 9 references and 3 metaposts.).

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