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Paucity of posts on American Express’ huge legal department

As I read in Law Tech. News, July 2010 at 38, that American Express has to its credit “110 attorneys and 90 support staff in 12 countries,” I wondered why there was so little about that department in these pages. My posts are from two years ago and older, and several came from just one speech.

As with many legal departments that are quite large, they go about their business like a placid lake and little about their management practices creates even ripples (See my post of Jan. 25, 2006: American Express’ patent on law-firm rate increases; Jan. 25, 2006: fixed fee arrangements of American Express; Feb. 18, 2006: budget practices at Amex; July 27, 2007: uses Serengeti Tracker; April 27, 2008: patent licensing fees; and May 3, 2008: American Express and patent services and discovery.). Not one reference in more than two years.