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Perk up the tried-and-true org chart

The stodgy org chart could do with a radical makeover. For example, why not show on the chart the major clients the lawyer supports? Or include the number of years the lawyer has been with the department?

Embellish the dowdy chart. It could represent the locations of reports and the amounts spend on outside counsel. Imagine a cluster of small boxes – instead of only one – that indicates sites where lawyers are located. Imagine the thickness of the border, size of the box, or shading as a visual to highlight outside counsel spending. Or put circle around a box to show relative size of outside counsel spending. Do away with the traditional boxes altogether. Different shapes could indicate how many lawyers were in the group.

Update the hierarchical, genealogical chart. The general counsel could be in the middle and the direct reports could be arrayed around to indicate their seniority. One bank’s law department has bubbles sized to show the relative number of lawyers at each site.

Mix and match these graphic representations so that your org chart sports a sprightly and more informative style.

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