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Posted rules for using legal-department conference rooms

Several conference rooms that I have sat in include a placard with rules.  The rules, which are guidelines and suggestions really, help those who use the conference rooms make their time more effective and preserve the room for others’ use.  Those departments that use cubicles (see my earlier post on cubicles) have especial needs for these operating principles.

Many of the rules are common sense and similar:  Always reserve the conference room; start on time; clean up the room when you are done; start on time and have an agenda; have someone prepare a to-do list after the meeting; nvite only those who are needed. 

I have seen other variations such as “Encourage everyone to speak”; “Call the following number for IT help”; “Only use erasable markers,” and ”Respect everyone’s opinion.”

It’s easy to dismiss such admonitions as common sense or even patronizing, but many people in law departments fail to observe their wisdom.