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Posts about this blog qua blog

I have often written about this blog (See my post of Feb. 20, 2006: first anniversary and 1,000 posts; Feb. 20, 2007: two years and 2,000 posts; Feb. 5, 2008: third anniversary comments; Dec. 5, 2007: my pride in this blog; March 30, 2008: Law Department Management selected for Forbes blogroll; Sept. 22, 2005: difficulties in assigning posts to categories; May 13, 2007: cross references and metaposts; June 16, 2007: no hyperlinks to my cross-references; Jan. 18, 2008 #2: references to previous posts; Jan. 4, 2008: third-order information; Feb. 24, 2008: information architecture of this blog; Sept. 9, 2008: more ways to set up post categories; Sept.18, 2007: humor; and Aug. 12, 2008: vocabulary.).

I have asked for questions and submissions (See my post of Aug. 10, 2007: an unsuccessful contest.) and implored readers not to lurk and remain silent (See my post of Oct. 26, 2007: silence from blog readers; Feb. 16, 2008: a shout out to those who have commented; and May 5, 2008: ask me for topic collections.).

Quite a few times I have shared my rational for content and the development of this blog (See my post of Nov. 5, 2006: various ways I think about its concepts; Aug. 21, 2005: consolidated posts on this blog by category; Sept. 22, 2008: concepts and hierarchies; May 4, 2007 attack on blawgs by a magazine publisher; Nov. 13, 2007: publications I have sourced; Sept. 7, 2008: the bulk of this blog; Nov. 24, 2007: first use of “artiblog” here; Oct. 16, 2006: this blog’s value in three dimensions; Jan. 4, 2008: disappearance of posts on writing well; Sept. 3, 2006: gratitude to my assistant; Jan. 10, 2008 #2: harmonics from the ideas of this blog; and July 30, 2008: my views as a blogger on press releases.).

I am also fascinated by what other sources say about this blog’s persona (See my post of Nov. 20, 2006: Concordance software and its insights; Feb. 20, 2007: SiteMeter; March 4, 2007: Technorati; March 4, 2007: pages with highest numbers of visits; Jan. 13, 2008: Feedburner on topical categories that most interest readers; Feb. 16, 2008: top domains referring to this blog; and June 17, 2008: USLaw Blog Directory’s popularity rankings.).

Stepping back, I have noted weaknesses of this blog (See my post of Dec. 5, 2007: weaknesses in this blog; March 23, 2006: blogs don’t persuade general counsel to hire anyone; and Feb. 27, 2008: capabilities I wish this blog had.) and even tossed in a wry comment on my forgotten history as a blogger (See my post of Dec. 26, 2007: my vestigial blog.).