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Posts on creativity since my last accumulation

It has been a long time since I assembled the posts on this blog about creativity (See my post of Oct. 29, 2006: creativity with 11 references.). The topic is too important for comments about it to lie dispersed and unappreciated so let’s see what has been said since then.

Several have concerned law firms and their creativity or lack of creativity (See my post of Feb. 11, 2007: lack of creativity by law firms; March 11, 2007: fixed-fee arrangements haven’t spurred creativity in firms; July 28, 2007: ranking of law firms as to creativity attribute; and July 19, 2007: creativity of outside counsel as a high-ranking attribute in selection.).

Other posts add various views on creative lawyers or techniques to increase creativity (See my post of Feb. 16, 2006: smart lawyers but who aren’t inventive; Dec. 31, 2008: “systematic inventive thinking”; April 9, 2009 #4: E/R/A approach; July 16, 2009: misguided elevation of creativity over effectiveness; Nov. 6, 2007 execution matters more than innovation; Jan. 14, 2007 #1: two references in books about creativity; Dec. 3, 2007 #2: law school with center for creative problem solving.). Examples of creative thinking crop up (See my post of May 3, 2007: think outside the bun for RFPs; and May 28, 2007: Addelshaw Goddard and online TV.).

Finally, the technique of brainstorming has its own metapost (See my post of June 1, 2009: reverse brainstorming; and Dec. 31, 2008: brainstorming with 5 references.).

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