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Posts that refer to the stock market in relation to the law department

Some linkages exist between the shares of a publicly traded company and the actions of its legal department. Most of the connections are tenuous. A few posts have mentioned earnings per share (See my post of Sept. 7, 2008: doubts about usefulness of EPS; Jan. 7, 2009: total shareholder return and market cap growth as possible benchmark metrics; and April 24, 2009: equity-based denominators for benchmarks.).

Market capitalization has gotten a nod or two (See my post of May 26, 2007: market capitalization as benchmark denominator; July 2, 2007: total legal spending in relation to market capitalization; and May 27, 2008: market value in relation to intangible assets of a firm.).

Prices of shares and litigation have some interaction (See my post of June 5, 2006: general counsel and their influence on share price; and Jan. 18, 2009: share prices, event studies and litigation with 6 references.).