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Praise for Ms. VBA (Laura Miller) and her contributions to this blogs

This blog has accumulated close to 3,900 posts. For me to be able to find, organize and build on the 14.7MB of material I have written, I need software tools. I tried to learn Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) programming beyond the macros Word can create easily, but quickly surrendered. I found Laura Miller (“Ms. VBA”) through Elance and retained her. She quickly and effectively wrote VBA macros that let me do several tasks quickly and well. Notably, one macro finds all the back references in each of my posts, which allows me among other things to convert them into the tables in my blook on outside counsel management

Another macro separates the header from the date of the post. Her macros have saved me hundreds of hours and allowed me to do more with my posts. I hope Laura can help me start to use Access for my aggregation.

Thank you, Laura.