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Pro bono commitment at Exelon, a standard to aspire to

According to Corp. Counsel, Vol. 13, Dec. 2006 at 80, among the 62 lawyers and 14 paralegals in Exelon’s law department, half of them worked on pro bono projects in 2005 and logged in all more than 800 hours. That averages approximately 20 hours per person.

Exelon’s “participation rate tops that 50% pledge goal set in 2006 by the Washington-D.C.-based Pro Bono Institute.” Not all the time goes to legal representation; some is closer to community service (See my post of Feb. 11, 2007 on the distinction and some further references.). Some projects are group efforts, like one known as Lawyers in the Classroom. Other projects sustain individual interests, such as to pitch in for the Philadelphia Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts.

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