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Productivity and, ironically, what enhances it: sleep and caffeine

I woke up this morning thinking of “To sleep, perchance to dream of law department management effectiveness.” Later, I hunted through my archives to find my posts on slumber (See my post of May 2, 2008: sleep enhances memory; Nov. 7, 2007: sleep relieves stress; Feb. 20, 2007: sleep on it to make a good decision; Aug. 26, 2008: sleep-deprived associates; Dec. 5, 2007: circadian sensitivity; March 5, 2009: work and study when you are sharp; and Jan. 30, 2009: Mark Gluck on benefits of sleep for mental sharpness.).

For the beverage that counters sleepiness, this blogger has brewed several gulps of posts (See my post of Dec. 19, 2007: grounds for insight; April 22, 2008: caffeine and adenosine; and July 13, 2008 #1: coffee slows mental decline.).

Now, back to dreaming about grande vanilla lattes, extra hot.