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Productivity metrics on dictation compared to typing

“The average computer user types at 33 words per minute, 19 words per minute for composition tasks. The average person speaks at a rate of 150 words per minute for standard conversation, although trained dictators can speak significantly faster.” We learn this from Met. Corp. Counsel, Vol. 17, April 2009 at 41, and a marketing person at WinScribe, a provider of “digital dictation workflow management solutions.”

The author makes the definitional point that “digital dictation” does not imply “speech recognition” and “should not be confused with voice or speech recognition technology.” The article lays out the superiority of digital dictation over cassette-tape-based dictation, especially in regards to management of the flow of transcription and review. In-house attorneys who draft much should investigate and try dictation systems (See my post of Feb. 23, 2008: dictation with 5 references; Feb. 4, 2009: 7 dictation vendors at LegalTech NY; and April 8, 2008: dictate while commuting.).

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