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Productivity techniques for handling contracts

In a recently-published article (Legal Times, Nov. 21, 2005) , I assembled thirty (30) different methods by which law departments can improve how they processes contracts.

Later, Counsel to Counsel, Nov. 2005 at 27 laid out more methods, devised by the law department of BindView Corp.

(1) “Finding that its customers were asking for the same items over the course of many negotiations, the firm retooled its standard contracts to include many of those requests.”

(2) BindView’s legal team begins each contract wit a summary of specific terms that are frequently modified in negotiations. It proves to be much easier to edit the summary section than to pick up all instances of a term throughout the contract.

(3) The General Counsel, D.C.Toedt III, founded PACTix, an open-source effort by in-house counsel to develop standard starter drafts of commonly-used agreements.

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