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Quasi-legal tasks and the blog posts here that have addressed them

For all I have lashed out at tasks that should fall below the radar of in-house attorneys – which I refer to as quasi-legal services – I certainly have banged on about them. Many posts have fingered suspects (See my posts of March 18, 2005: contract management; April 18, 2005: mandatory contract review; July 14, 2005: quasi legal; July 21, 2005: definition and link to my article; Sept. 10, 2005: discussion of such tasks; Sept. 27, 2005 #2&3: tracking domain names and reviews of corporate blogs; March 3, 2006: lobbying; May 14, 2006: management of projects with legal ramifications; Sept. 25, 2006: negotiation; Sept. 17, 2006: equity award tracking; and June 4, 2007: filing for immigration status of employees.)

Other posts have discussed aspects of quasi-legal work (See my posts of Oct. 16, 2006: quasi-legal work and legalistic units; Oct. 18, 2006: relation to core competencies; and Feb. 23, 2006: how to spot quasi-legal tasks.).