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Quite a project for me to manage my posts on project management

Project management skills come into play with project teams (See my post of Feb. 1, 2009: project teams of law departments with 39 references and 4 metaposts.).

I have written about project management generally in legal departments (See my post of April 18, 2005: project managers; Feb. 1, 2006: project managers; Aug. 22, 2006: requiring project managers for large cases; Dec. 22, 2006: Eversheds; April 28, 2009: a law department applies project management; Aug. 15, 2008: perceptions of usefulness of project management software; Oct. 2, 2008: can project managers co-exist with litigation managers; and Dec. 12, 2007: project management software and litigation; and June 4, 2009: four essential concerns of project managers.).

Other posts address other aspects of project management (See my post of May 10, 2006 on Canadian rankings of the skills needed for in-house lawyers; June 15, 2009: work breakdown structure; June 26, 2009: Six Sigma as a project management tool; and Sept. 17, 2009: different use of term for organizational software.).

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