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Ranked list of top-ten trademark services providers

Courtesy of World Trademark Rev., June/July 2010 at 36, law departments that have significant trademark activity can see the top ten trademark service providers. The ten cited most by respondents to the WTR survey were also ranked. In declining order they were Edital, Onscope, Corporate Service Company (CSC), CT Corsearch, Computer Packages inc, Thomson CompuMark, CPA Global, Avantiq, SMD markeur, and Patrix. On a scale of 10 high to 1 low, these firms ranged from 8.5 at the top score to 6.43 at the bottom.

The specialized niche of trademark-related services has many contenders jostling in it (See my post of Aug. 19, 2009: trademarks with 33 references.).