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Recent articles by Rees Morrison – latter part of 2006-07

Two previous posts compiled a number of my more recent articles (See my posts of Aug. 27, 2005 for 2003 and 2004 articles; and Aug. 23, 2005 for 2005 articles.). It’s time for an update, so here are five from 2006-07 and one interloper from 2004.

Auctions by Law Departments (Jan 2006) (See my post of Feb. 1, 2006 for more discussion.)

Matter Management Systems Affect Many People (Sept. 2006)

How to Learn More from Your Law Firm Invoices (Nov. 2006) (See my post of Dec. 11, 2006 for more.)

Creativity Inside and with Outside Counsel (Jan. 2007)

Cost Control Methods (late 2004)