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Recent law review articles about general counsel and their roles

Deborah A. DeMott, “The Discrete Roles of General Counsel,” 74 Fordham Law Review 955-981 (2005) cites a slew of articles by or about general counsel and in-house counsel as a role. I have listed them in reverse chronological order.
Robert W. Gordon, A New Role for Lawyers?: The Corporate Counselor After Enron, in ENRON: CORPORATE FIASCOS AND THEIR IMPLICATIONS (Nancy B. Rapoport & Bala G. Dharan eds. 2004).

Michele M. Hedges, General Counsel and the Shifting Sea of Change, in ENRON: CORPORATE FIASCOS AND THEIR IMPLICATIONS 539 (Nancy B. Rapoport & Bala G. Dharan eds. 2004).

Susanna M. Kim Dual Identities and Dueling Obligations: Preserving Independence in Corporate Representation, 68 TENN. L. REV. 179 (2004).

Hugh P. Gunz & Sally P. Gunz, The Lawyer’s Response to Organizational Professional Conflict: An Empirical Study of the Ethical Decision Making of In-house Counsel, 39 AM. BUS. L.J. 241 (2002).

Carl D. Liggio, Sr., A Look at the Role of Corporate Counsel: Back to the Future – or Is It the Past, 44 ARIZ. L.REV. 621 (2002).

Robert Eli Rosen, “We’re All Consultants Now”: How Change in Client Organizational Strategies Influences Change in the Organization of Corporate Legal Services, 44 ARIZ. L. REV. 637 (2002).

Robert L. Nelson & Laura Beth Nielson, Cops, Counsel, and Entrepreneurs: Constructing the Role of Inside Counsel, 34 LAW & SOC’Y REV. 457 (2000)

Nancy J. Moore, Conflicts of Interest for In-House Counsel: Issues Emerging from the Expanding Role of the Attorney-Employee, 39 S. TEX. L. REV. 497 (1998)

Mary J. Daly, The Cultural, Ethical, and Legal Challenges in Lawyering for a Global Organization: The Role of the General Counsel, 46 EMORY L.J. 1057, 1061-62 (1997).

Geoffrey James F. Kelley, The Role of the General Counsel, 46 EMORY L.J. 1197 (1997).

C. Hazard, Jr., Ethical Dilemmas of Corporate Counsel, 46 EMORY L.J. 1011 (1997)

Sally R. Weaver, Ethical Dilemmas of Corporate of Corporate Counsel: A Structural and Contextual Analysis, 46 EMORY L.J. 1023 (1997).

Robert L. Bordon, The Organization and Staffing of an In-House Counsel Office in Order to Handle Litigation Directly, THE CORPORATE LITIGATOR 78 (Francis J. Burke, Jr. & Michael L. Goldblatt Eds. 1989).

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