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Rees Morrison’s Morsels #75 – additions to earlier posts

Surely no sip of the tongue on coffee and cognitive ability. From Fast Co., June 2008 at 39: “A decade-long European study found that men who drink three or more cups a day suffer less mental decline in old age than nondrinkers.” I trust this finding applies to women also. Law departments, fire up your espresso machines for your veterans (See my post of Dec. 19, 2007: grounds for insight.)!

Consolidate through one firm management of overseas IP firms. Tampico Beverages uses one law firm to manage its trademark specialty firms in more than 50 countries. The US-based law firm is responsible for engaging and managing those firms and Tampico receives a single consolidated invoice, according to ACC Docket, Vol. 30, June 2008 at 48 (See my post of Dec. 3, 2006: national coordinating counsel and their benefits.).

Benchmark for patents as a function of R&D spend. An article in the Harv. Bus. Rev., Vol. 85, June 2008 at 132, gives advice to companies that want to repulse patent trolls. The fifth piece of advice is that “Companies must stop flooding patent offices with insignificant inventions.” The authors state that the number of patents per R&D dollar spent is increasing. Sounds like a useful benchmark for law departments (See my post of July 10, 2007: metrics that patent counsel should know.).

MS in Legal Studies. Kaplan University offers a new Master of Science In Legal Studies, designed to give non-lawyers more in depth knowledge of the law, according to GC Mid-Atlantic, March 2008 at 13 (See my post of March 19, 2006: paralegal degrees.).