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Rees Morrison’s Morsels #136: posts longa, morsels breva

Legal informatics has a website. Dr. Adam Wyner’s blog on legal informatics for legal professionals looks very interesting. It covers Web. 2.0 concepts in the legal field.
Language Logic Law Software

National differences in pay and the effect on total legal spending as a percentage of revenue. My recent column for InsideCounsel (June 21, 2010) combined Laurence Simons compensation data and General Counsel Metrics benchmark data on internal spending in the context of comparisons of corporate legal costs between countries. Compensation differences account for a significant portion of the differences in internal spending ratios.

Water metaphors on the brain. This droplet has nothing to do with legal department management. But I was in the flow one night, had my search software bubbling away, and so I plunged into H2O metaphors on this blog. No liquidity crisis here (See my post of March 24, 2005: document assembly treading water; Nov. 11, 2005: watered down version; Nov. 14, 2005: planting and watering ideas; April 5, 2005: keep heads above the water; July 5, 2006: carry most of the water; Oct. 12, 2006: sponges and legal water; Dec. 6, 2006: amphibious lawyers; May 13, 2007: talent collected from a large watershed; May 18, 2007: untested waters; May 5, 2008: throw out babies and bathwater; Oct. 18, 2006: put your toe in the water; June 11, 2008: spray terms around like water; June 11, 2008: not safe to go into the water; Jan. 16, 2009: bucket of cold water; June 9, 2009: social networks as online watering holes; July 15, 2009: categories aren’t watertight; Oct. 27, 2009: covers the waterfront; and Jan. 12, 2010: do figures hold water.). Drink to me only with thine eyes…

Yet another four-time general counsel. When J. Alberto Gonzalez-Pita become the general counsel of HCP, Inc. a few months back, he added the fourth stripe. Previously, as recorded in Corp. Counsel, July 2010 at 44, he served as the general counsel of BellSouth, Tyson Foods, Las Vegas Sands Corp. My collection of quadrolexes grows (See my post of June 19, 2006: Mary Ann Hynes; Oct. 2, 2006 #2: Stasia Kelly; June 20, 2007 #4: Marschall Smith; Nov. 16, 2008 #3: Guy Rounsaville, Jr.; March 29, 2010 #1: Tracy Rich; and June 8, 2010: Thomas Sabatino.).